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Natu Dumrauf VAW artist

Natu Dumrauf

The reinterpretation of art and own style

"Natu Dumrauf creates between shapes and colors. The works produced every day by artists from all over the world are a record of how humanity has managed to capture its passage through this planet and also an opportunity for the viewer to discover fantastic universes and spectacular.
Such is the case of the painter Natu Dumrauf, who has created a large number of pictorial pieces characterized by an artistic explosion, a style with which she manages to capture those who appreciate them with her impressive mix of colors and figures." 

Texto: Daniel Aguilar, Periódico Imagen, Veracruz, México 25/05/2020 

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Natu Dumrauf. her color palette

"Natu Dumrauf @natudumrauf ( October 16, 1983), is a self-taught Argentine painter who has lived in Palma de Mallorca since 2014
In his art we find a world full of immensely powerful color compositions, abstract geometric forms, symbolic, breaking and reuniting. Each Natu painting is a voyage of discovery in itself. Stylistically, she dances between the expression of his own composition of color and the themes of well-known works with brushstrokes throughout the ages. Natu’s art is unmistakable, and the eye is contemplative and observant at the same time, a powerful element in almost all of his paintings. The eye, the gateway to the deep, the first sight as access to the soul. Perhaps and yet constantly, it captures the viewer in an immutable way. The intensity of his images burns in the eye.
And if a work first shines through the high energy chaos, the second time you see a harmony between the colors, which could not be more contrary. So the contradiction, even the resistance, is the intensity of his art that leads to the liberation of the stylized, and that is exactly what she plays with. "

Texto: Roman Hillmann, Periódico alemán El Aviso, Palma de Mallorca, España 05//07/3019




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