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Skrik by Edvard Munch

The Scream is a work by the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch, whose original title is Skrik (Scream in English). Due to its expressive power, this painting is considered an antecedent of the expressionist movement. The Scream is the most famous painting by Munch, who made different versions of it over the years.

The original and most famous version, completed in 1893, is housed in the National Gallery in Oslo, Norway.

The version that had been in the hands of the Norwegian Peter Olsen, whose father had been a neighbor, friend and later patron of Munch, was auctioned on May 2, 2012 for 119.9 million euros. dollars, in the house Sothersby  in New York, thus becoming the most expensive work ever sold at auction.

The painting The Scream has become a cultural icon. It is one of the most recognized images in the world, as it has been incorporated into popular culture, and has been widely parodied by recent artists.
From an iconographic point of view,  The Scream presents a Androgynous figure in the foreground with a gesture of anguish that conveys great expressiveness and psychological strength.
Rather than transpose reality, the colors seek to express a feeling of anguish and despair, more vividly reflected in the foreground figure, in the intensity of his gesture of tribulation and awe. Apparently, the inspiration for this painting came from an afternoon when Edvard Munch was walking with two friends through a viewpoint on Ekeberg Hill, from where you could see the Oslo landscape. Munch writes in his journal in 1891: "I was walking down the street with two friends when the sun went down. Suddenly the sky turned blood red and I felt a shudder of sadness. A heartbreaking pain in my chest (...) Tongues of fire like blood covered the black and blue fjord and the city. My friends kept walking and I stood there, trembling with fear. And I heard an endless scream go through nature. "

El grito Natu Dumrauf

This time our artist Natu Dumrauf in homage to the artist, he has made a version of the famous painting, with his particular signature, of shapes and polychromatisms, but still, despite the vivid colors used, he has managed to maintain the expression and intention that Munch wanted to reflect, and we from Viral Art Wear have included this pictorial piece in one of our t-shirts for both men and women so that you can wear it and show it off wherever you go. Think different, dress different, choose VAW.


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