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Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh

Surely at some point in our lives we have heard of Vincent Van Gogh's sunflowers; what we may never find out is that Vincent had a special fondness for these flowers and a special fascination for the intricate details of their composition.

So much so that between 1886 and 1889 he came to paint two canvases where these majestic flowers are the protagonists. The most famous version is the one found today. London National Gallery and is one of the three versions with 15 sunflowers (the others are preserved in Amsterdam and Tokyo). I also paint two versions of 12 flowers that are physically in Munich and Philadelphia, and lastly in the USA and Japan that hold works of 3 and 5 sunflowers respectively.

Natu Dumrauf - Girasoles

Natu Dumrauf (@natudumrauf) made this version of the famous painting capturing his particular artistic style but maintaining the predominant blue and yellow tones in Van Gogh 's work, although adapting it to his usual chromatic and giving it great strength in the very usual outlines in Natu's work.

Desde Viral Art Wear we wanted to give life and movement to this great work and we use it in some of our collections, which is why we dared to make it for our collection. VAW Fantasy a straight-cut, fitted T-shirt in the feminine version where the canvas occupies the entire front, showing off all its splendor. We also wanted you to have no excuse and you can wear one of our VAW Dress or found your VAW Skirt and you wear the Sunflowers of Natu Dumrauf in your summer walks.


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